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Composite is called different names; White fillings, laser fillings, tooth colored fillings,...

In the twentieth century, composites were developed. Dentists who are fully trained and experienced in doing them often only do these white fillings.

Amalgam was developed in the 1840s, it’s a mixture of mostly mercury, some silver, and some other metals.

“Over twenty years ago, I stopped placing silver fillings. Many patients had problems with the appearance. Others complained that they had more discomfort with cold beverages and foods. The technology of white fillings has been improving since that time. People strongly prefer white fillings.”

Inlays and Onlays, are basically fillings that are prepared in the lab especially for your tooth, can be fabricated from porcelain by using CAD CAM technology. Gold versions of onlays and inlays are not popular now with Americans.

Gold Inlays and Onlays are made from high gold alloys “rarely pure gold “, and are “elegant precise and very protective “.

Ask Dr. Benson or Dr. John about the different options that you can have.



Resin, Anterior or posterior
Inlay- Gold
Onlay Porcelain
Onlay Gold

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