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Full or complete dentures:

Should be a treatment of last resort. After the patient has lost the ability to save his or her teeth, (usually when the teeth are non restorable), they have them extracted, and get a complete set of false teeth made.

Complete dentures can be more economical if the teeth otherwise need extensive and most importantly unpredictable work.
If only a few roots can be saved, an Overdenture, which is a denture which attaches to a couple of roots anchored in the jaw, can be constructed.

Immediate dentures:

For patients wanting to maintain front teeth while a denture is constructed an Immediate Denture can be constructed; sometimes it is a compromise. As with other types of dentistry, because the denture is placed over the new extraction sites it will actually prevent swelling. The denture should not be removed for 24 hours and only by the dentist the day after you receive your new denture.

Post-operative visits will be required to check the extraction sites and make required adjustments to the dentures.

Implants may be placed in the jaw to anchor a denture when a patient is unable to wear a denture successfully.

Dentures need to be checked regularly by the dentist because the mouth healing changes and the denture may not fit as well as it should and may require a reline. Unfortunately there are many "Myths about Dentures", many of these common misconceptions about dentures have prevented people from achieving their best health, appearance and self-confidence. It is important for a person receiving a new denture to go through a period of adjustment.

Partial Denture:

It's a removable dental appliance that replaces multiple missing teeth. It can be attached to the teeth with clasps (clasp or conventional partial) or it can be attached to the teeth with crowns with precision attachments (hidden clasps). Both types have a metal framework and plastic teeth and gum areas.

Immediate Lower or Upper Broken Denture Acrylic
Overdenture-Complete Repair Cast Framework
Upper or Lower Partial-Acrylic Reline Denture
Upper or Lower Cast Partial  
Precision Attachments  
Temporary Acrylic  

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