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Why implants?

Implants are the best treatment plan when the patient loses a tooth or several teeth.

Some of the patients has dentures that are ill fitting or that do not provide confidence when smiling, talking, or eating, in that case adding implants will add to the stability and retention of the dentures.

By using implants people can replace a missing tooth while also keeping adjacent teeth intact.

Dr. John completed a fellowship program in Implant dentistry from Tufts Dental School.

Implant treatment:

A dental implant is a small root shaped cylinder made of titanium or ceramic; this cylinder provides support or anchorage for the top part or restorative part which can be one tooth, a bridge or a denture.

The restorative part can be fixed or removable depending on the case and on the amount of bone available in the mouth.

Dr. John can discuss which type of implant is best for you.




How are implants placed?

Initial site will be carefully located using a regular x-ray or cone beam or CT scan; then a small cylinder will be placed a-traumatically and gently into the jaw bone.

Later some discomfort or swelling might happen. Dr. John will prescribe some meds to be used before or after the procedure.

The healing:

Osseointegration (bone surrounding the implant) can take two months and up to seven months in cases of bone grafting.

Only then will the implant be strong enough to support a strong and functional chewing and bite.


Dr. Benson will place the final restoration and usually it is cemented like any regular crown.


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